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Welcome to, home of The Articulate Professional. Since high-achievers recognize the immense value that lies in constantly invigorating their communication skills, this site offers several features that will undoubtedly attract your interest! Among them: "Uncommon Tips for Highly Effective Presentations;" "Uncommon Tips on Public Speaking;" topics on communication training/coaching designed to help you master the techniques used by enormously successful communicators such as Gen. Michael Hayden, David Darst, David Frum, Rep. Adam Schiff, Ellen Futter, Christiane Amanpour, Marin Alsop, Condoleezza Rice, David Axelrod, Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Brancaccio, and anti-terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman. It also includes a list of our clients and testimonials; tips on how to enlarge your vocabulary as well as tips on how to use it without coming across as intimidating, pretentious, or pompous; information about our widely acclaimed publication The Articulate Professional (3rd Edition, 2008); some coaching success stories; and of course, our popular feature "Words of the Month" which, until June '09 when AvantGo changed its business model, was that Sybase company's most popular educational channel and boasted a subscription exceeding 176,000 high-achievers.


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