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Evaluations -- Anaheim Seminar

Participant evaluations for a 1-day seminar on
"Power of the Spoken Word + Techniques to Communicate with Impact and Sway"
presented on Saturday, September 20, 2008
at the National Safety Council's 2008 Congress & Expo in Anaheim, (Calif.)

Of the 17 participants who turned in evaluations, 15 (= over 88%) rated the workshop as "excellent." Read on for comments from those who took part in this 1-day workshop:

1. Most effective features: "Actual real examples that are part of everyone's life."
    Overall comment: "I found your class excellent in content. You were very entertaining and interesting."
          -- Librada Davis, Resource Manager, Contra Costa County

2. Most effective features: "The way you use story to show what is correct or incorrect."
    Overall comment: "V.J. is very good at what he does. I could spend 3 days just listening and learning
                             from him."

          -- Keith Haynes, Safety Manager, P&H MinePro

3. Overall comment: "This is one of the best classes I have been to in a long time.... Thank you, V.J."
          -- Mark Ridenour, UAW Chairperson, Local 422, General Motors

4. Most effective features: "The effective use of words, body language, & eye contact to get your
                                     message across."

    Overall comment: "This is very useful... It will help me look/sound and be more effective and

          -- Rick Bridges, Operational Risk Manager, American Water

5. Most effective features: "Humor, intelligence, good material."
    Overall comment: "Good material; you kept the interest going. Keep learning and teaching."
          -- Irene Chalkley, Health & Safety Manager, Kellogg's Columbus Bakery

6. Most effective features: "Interaction with the group."
    Overall comment: "This has shed tons of light on areas I need to improve in."
          -- Joe Edgman, Occupational Safety & Health Specialist, SWRMC, U.S. Navy

7. Most effective features: "Examples of actual speeches, interviews.. .video clips, handouts."
    Overall comment: "Excellent presentation and topic; very applicable to safety profession; can improve
                             my ability to be a successful safety professional and get things done. Enjoyed it very

          -- Kevin McMahon, Director, Operational Risk Management, American Water

8. Most effective features: "The real-life examples."
    Overall comment: "Very energizing. Great course--Many thanks."
          -- Lucy Clarke, Managing Director, Emergency Care Training (Hong Kong)

9. Most effective features: "Course outline is spot on."
    Overall comment: "Your energy & enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks."
          -- Barry Vest, Production Operations, BP Exploration--Alaska

10. Most effective features: "Real examples described in normal, simple terms."
    Overall comment: "Encouraged me to prepare more before I speak."
          -- Tricia Faisal, Safety Manager, Kellogg's Snacks

11. Overall comment: "I loved the course. Thank you."
          -- Todd Rybicki, Safety Manager, Honeywell

12. Most effective features: "How everything was presented."
     Overall comment: "I like the way you listen to your audience and pay attention. You have very good
                              manners and presentation skills."

          -- Jim Suchy, UAW Health & Safety, SPO Chicago, General Motors