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Evaluations -- Seminar for ASSE in Houston's "Energy Corridor"

Presentation of
"How to Disarm and Neutralize your Critics and Detractors
without being Offensive or Disrespectful"

at ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) -
"Energy Corridor" Section, Houston, on February 11, 2016

Over three-fourths of the participants who turned in evaluations rated the seminar as "excellent" despite its abbreviated format. Here are some of the written comments:

1. Most effective features: "The examples were very important."
    Overall comment: "The presentation was very timely and useful."
          -- John Husum, BP

2. Most effective features: "The use of words."
    Overall comment: "I enjoyed the session and would be interested in sending my safety employees through this (seminar)."
          -- Doris Smith, Tolunay-Wong Engineers, Inc.

3. Most effective features: "Successful application and the "all-32-teeth-showing smile."
    Overall comment: "Well delivered presentation; filled with practical 'nuggets' of success."
          -- John Rivas, James Construction Group

4. Most effective features: "The stories behind every topic."
    Overall comment: "Very useful...Great presentation...."
          -- Carlos Chaidez, Wood Group Company

5. Most effective features: "V.J. was very energetic and provided excellent techniques to be a highly effective communicator."
    Overall comment: "I found V.J. to be very good. Learned many new things."
          -- Payton Jensen, formerly with Shell

6. Most effective features: "Key words and phrases; video of Shell CEO."
    Overall comment: "This session will equip safety professionals to more effectively communicate their concerns while bringing opponents to share their points of view."
          -- Tracy Donahoo, Director HSSE at an environmental services and remediation company

7. Most effective features: "The content is very interesting and useful."
    Overall comment: "This is a very useful program, and useful in many aspects of business. Techniques can be applied in one's personal life."
          -- Kym Butler, Wood Group Mustang

8. Most effective features: "Human connection."
    Overall comment: "Techniques explained will be useful when discussing actions required on safety."
          -- Edmond Baruque, Audubon Field Solutions