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Evaluations -- Seminar for PMI Austin

Participant evaluations for a seminar on
"Conquering the Pervasive Disease of Rambling: How to Emphasize Your Point in Just Three Sentences" plus "Some Simple Verbal and Nonverbal Skills to Create a Highly Favorable First Impression"
presented on Tuesday, July 28, 2009
at a meeting of the Project Management Institute's Austin Chapter

Audience: over 95 project management professionals
Duration: two hours

A preponderant majority of those who turned in evaluation forms rated the session as "excellent." Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the participants:

1. "One of the most useful, helpful, practical workshops I have ever attended."
          -- Gail Thomas, Dell Inc.

2. "I highly recommend your training. You kept a critical audience of 90-plus people in a very attentive mode for two uninterrupted hours!"
          -- Jim Beesley, IBM

3. "Excellent presentation. V.J. is the speakers' speaker."
          -- Daryl Legg, NASCO

4. "One of the more enlightening presentations I have attended in the PMI chapter meetings."
          -- Tamara Stokes, Dell Inc.

5. "This was very useful information presented in a dynamic, interesting manner. Practical tips that I'll be able to use immediately."
          -- Rosario McFaull, Adecco Solutions

6. "Your presentation was extremely insightful. I anticipate using what I learned starting tomorrow!"
          -- Leonard Mitchell, Build Your Dreams Right LP

7. "Lots of great real-life examples, video clips that reinforced the concepts. Very interesting. Kept me engaged for entire 2 hours. Excellent workshop!"
          -- Debra Dresser, Motion Computing

8. "Great tips of information. Simple and applicable... I value V.J.'s experience and practical tips."
          -- Eric Gordon Sr., Lower Colorado River Authority

9. "V.J. Singal's presentation was both insightful and engaging. I will be able to use many of his techniques immediately."
          -- Dirk Ray Sr., Dept. of Aging and Disability Services

10. "Excellent topics, discussions, and examples."
          -- Laurie Pierce, HP

11. "A very informative workshop with great real-life applications."
          -- Vivian Sullivan, Majella Society

12. "All quality information... While I have a great amount of experience in public speaking and chairing meetings, you provided reminders of what I should and should not do--also bad habits I have (unfortunately) developed. That is why I attended your session."
          -- Gary Onyett, Maximus

13. "Mr. Singal gave an informative and humorous presentation of material that will be useful in a variety of business settings. The handout provided succinct summaries of the essential points that will serve as useful reference information when preparing for and delivering interviews and presentations."
          -- Cynthia Valliant, Valliant Consulting

14. "Great jokes and personalization. I would recommend this speaker to my colleagues."
          -- R.Garmendez, Dell Inc.