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Evaluations -- Seminars at Dental Conventions in Arizona and Oregon

Presentation of
"Power of the Spoken Word and Techniques to Communicate with Impact & Sway"
on Thursday, March 2, and Friday, March 4, 2011
at Arizona Dental Assn.'s Western Regional Dental Convention held in Phoenix

Size of the audience: about 265 on day 1 and 315 on day 2
Duration: Three hours

63% of those who turned in evaluation forms rated the session as "excellent." Here are some of the written "overall comments":

1. "Lots of information for a short time -- loved it. I wish my whole team had been here."
          -- Carol McGonigle DDS [Tucson]

2. "It is vital to have this session heard by everyone who deals with people every day."
          -- Velia Anderson [Mark W. Anderson DDS, Mesa]

3. "One of the best I've ever attended."
          -- John Kerbaugh [All About Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Gilbert, AZ]

4. "This presentation is outstanding! A must-see for doctors, business managers, and communications / marketing directors, staff."
          -- Mary Beth Huffman [IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations, Carpentersville, IL]

5. "All of the information in your presentation was new to me. I found the subject matter and discussion to be exciting and valuable. ...Use of these techniques is vital to improve the quality and success of my future communications."
          -- Karen Panietz DDS, MSD [Scottsdale, AZ]

6. "This has been one of my most favorite CE courses I have ever taken! It was informative, memorable, and energy-packed. I can use this in my profession (and personal life) EVERY DAY!"
          -- Kristol L. Short [Dr. David A. Curtis Family Dentistry, Mesa, AZ]

7. "Great examples & enthusiasm that the speaker had for the subject. Also, the three hours flew by because of your excellent speaking abilities by means of gestures and your variety in pitch, pace, and power when presenting your knowledge."
          -- Jeff Grigg [Paradise Ridge Dentistry, Phoenix]

8. "Entertaining. Excellent material. Practical and needed."
          -- Debbie Moshos RDH + administrator/trainer [Aesthetic Dental Care, Lake Havasu City, AZ]

9. "Very helpful to improve my communication skills."
          -- Krishnan Bala DDS [Sun City, AZ]

10. "One of the most useful seminars I have been to. Very easy to apply into my everyday situations."
          -- Angela Dominguez [Red Mountain Dental, Mesa]

11. "Excellent speaker. Kept me intrigued. Enjoyed it very much!"
          -- Chelsea Murdock [Winterholler Dentistry, Scottsdale]

12. "I liked that throughout the lecture you were using all of the techniques you showed us. It was helpful to look at examples the whole time."
          -- Jessica Wilkins RDH [Chandler Dental Excellence, Chandler, AZ]

13. "Communication and presentation is very important in our profession. Thank you for your help."
          -- Jeff Mitchell DDS [Casa Grande, AZ]

14. "One of the best courses I've attended on communication."
          -- Julie Summerlin RDH [Sonia Hariri DDS, Tucson]

15. "I really enjoyed this course because communication is critical."
          -- Victoria Grijalva [Ostler Family Dental, Peoria, AZ]

16. "I would recommend this seminar to new start-ups and also all front-office employees."
          -- Alice Bhatt [Serenity Dental, Gilbert]

17. "Fantastic course."
          -- Rendee Jackson [Gentle Hands Dentistry, Phoenix]

18. "We all get complacent with our vocabulary & choice of words. This course was a succinct & helpful presentation on how to improve in this very important aspect of our lives."
          -- Pamela Jackson [Flynn Dentistry, Oro Valley, AZ]

19. "I am now an 'insatiable acolyte' of V.J. Singal."
          -- Linda Cumbie [Craig A. Trueblood DDS, Wickenburg, AZ]

20. "I enjoyed this lecture immensely! All of this can be incorporated into every situation: personal, professional, and any other."
          -- Heidi Gonzales [Don K. Rogers DDS, Sierra Vista, AZ]

Presentation of the same topic as above on Thursday, April 7, and Friday, April 8, 2011, at the Oregon Dental Convention held in Portland, OR.

Size of the audience: about 150 on day 1 and 350 on day 2
Duration: Three hours

A majority of those who turned in my evaluation form rated the session as "excellent." Here are some of the written "overall comments":

1. "Listen up -- a course doesn't get any better."
          -- Dave Bizeau DMD [Tillamook, OR]

2. "All of your material is most definitely relevant to dentistry -- So nice to be 'Out of the Box.' Utterly relevant to life. Communication is a building block of dental business."
          -- Karen Ryon [Mark I. Boule DDS, Manlius, NY]

3. "V.J. Singal lives and teaches his passion in this lecture. A brilliant man sharing a piece of his education and observations in a highly welcome manner. Please come back again. I will recommend this lecture to deserving peers."
          -- Shanna Boyes [Oak Park Family Dental Care, Salem, OR]

4. "I felt like a sponge, soaking in every word. Outstanding!"
          -- Andrea Haberlock [Laurelwood Dental, Portland, OR]

5. "We all know how to do dentistry. Effective communication with staff and family is critical and necessary to have a thriving practice. Very well done."
          -- Candace L. Peterson DMD [Tualatin, OR]

6. "I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed the touches of humor and the actions."
          -- Grace Williams [Design Dentistry, Camas, WA]

7. "Great class. A lot of great information. Well worth my time."
          -- Glenda Lorimor [Kaiser Permanente (Dental), Portland, OR]

8. "I am so busy doing that I don't even realize how much extra work I need to do or failures I have because of poor communication."
          -- Robert Ferek DDS [Gresham, OR]

9. "Eye-opening to how changing a few 'habits' can improve communication from mundane to impactful."
          -- Dorothy Davis RDH [Portland, OR]

10. "I thoroughly enjoyed this session and will recommend others to attend."
          -- Susan Steed [Dr. Morgan Hall, Victoria, BC, Canada]

11. "I gained new insight on evaluating the way I present myself and come across to people."
          -- Kelsey Evert RDH [Dr. Monte Morgan, Salem, OR]

12. "Thank you! This applies to all aspects of life!"
          -- Juliann Williams [Pacific Family Dental, Sherwood, OR]

13. "It was great & I hope to be able to put ideas to use and share with the rest of the staff.... Very interesting. Good ideas and points for practical application in an office. Good examples!"
          -- Diana Holben [Shady Cove Family Dentistry, Shady Cove, OR]

14. "I loved the course -- this topic is not usually covered. There was so much info -- I will need to go back and practice slowly."
          -- Pam Martin RDH [Healthy Smiles, Happy Hearts LLC, Eagle Point, OR]

15. "Effective communication is the heartbeat which circulates the lifeblood of a successful dental office and V.J.Singal is like an Olympic trainer readying his subjects for the decathlon of dentistry."
          -- Adrienne Suarez [Kirkland Dentistry, Beaverton, OR]