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Evaluations -- Seminar for PMI Global Congress 2008

Presentation of
"Conquering the Pervasive Disease of Rambling:
How to Emphasize Your Point in Just Three Sentences
on October 21, 2008
at the Project Management Institute's Global Congress 2008--North America
held in Denver

Audience: nearly 600 project management professionals
Duration: one hour fifteen minutes

The vast majority of those who turned in evaluation forms rated the session as "excellent." Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the participants:

1. "This information could help save time in all meetings and discussions."
          -- Marc Share, Microsoft

2. "It was easy to understand and something all can apply, no matter what their background or industry."
          -- Dana LaRieal Wilson, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP

3. "Fantastic--thank you! Very effective examples--makes it easily understood. This is a great topic.... Thank you again. Excellent!!"
          -- Rosemary Ferry, Booz Allen Hamilton

4. "Excellent, engaging speaker! Very much lead by example in your presentation style."
          -- Dawn Schumacher, Prime Therapeutics

5. "Your advice was very insightful and highlighted commonsense approaches to enable almost anyone to become a more effective communicator."
          -- Milton Robinson, Hudson Advisors

6. "This is a very practical session. We can use the learning everywhere."
          -- Paulo Bernardino, Pacific Gas & Electric

7. "Well-focused. Takes a complex issue and succinctly explains how to succeed in a better communication method."
          -- Sean Grier, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

8. "This was one of the most interesting and informative sessions I have attended so far in the Congress. I enjoyed the real-life examples. They were to the point and really made me think about how I can improve my own communication style."
          -- Anu Sachdeva, Oracle Corp.

9. "The energy you project as a speaker kept me engaged even though I was at the (far) back of the room. I expect to use what I've learned immediately."
          -- Liz Lark, United Network for Organ Sharing

10. "I expect the incorporation of these principles to revolutionize my communication."
          -- Barry Bennett, Northstar Academy

11. "V.J. is a dynamic, articulate, and forceful presenter who leaves his audience with tips they can use NOW."
          -- Sandeep Mirani, Rockwell Automation

12. "Mr. Singal has provided me with succinct tools that will help me communicate more effectively, immediately!"
          -- Robert Waters, Pfizer Worldwide Technologies

13. "Excellent content. Humor use was great. Will look into more of your work. Thank you."
          -- Rebecca Alt, Ciber Federal

14. "Communication is not something I think about often until today--my awareness to this very important topic has been awakened."
          -- Susan Horton, AIMCO

15. "This was an extremely important session for me. Mr. Singal provided some important tools that I can use in both my personal and professional life."
          -- Prem Mirpuri, Campus Management

16. "V.J. packed many useful points into a short time. I can use them immediately. Thanks very much!"
          -- Ben Shuler, Hills Inc.

17. "(most effective feature) Energy of the speaker. This session allowed me to think differently about communication skills."
          -- Ben Humphries, Fluor Corp.

18. "Excellent session. PMI (the host organization) should get you on their schedule from here to eternity."
          -- Kaizad Patel, Genzyme Corp.

19. "V.J. is an excellent speaker, keeping the audience engaged with many useful tips."
          -- Tiffany Pany, Intel Corp.

20. "Your presentation was inspiring. Your passion for your research and the subject matter comes through very clearly."
          -- Bill Sutter, Boulder Valley School District

21. "It was the best session I have been to so far!! Thanks!"
          -- Kevie Connaughton, Edward Jones

22. "I am excited about using this process and found the class enlightening and useful. I can't wait to begin applying it in my everyday life."
          -- Charles Greenhalge, Dunkin' Brands

23. "Thank you for all the practical ideas and for inspiring me to become an even greater communicator. There is power in excelling as a communicator, and you are an excellent example for us all."
          -- Zabin Jamal, University Health Network (Canada)