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Evaluations -- Fort Walton Beach Seminar

Presentation of
"How to Conquer Rambling & Emphasize Your Point in Just Three Sentences" +
"Some Simple Verbal & Nonverbal Skills for Creating a Highly Favorable First Impression"

at Jacobs Women's Collaborative, Fort Walton Beach, Florida,
on September 15, 2011

Audience: about 45 ~ 50 female employees from Tybrin and other units of Jacobs Technology; included executives, managers, and others
Duration: about 1.5 hours

89% of the participants who turned in evaluations rated it "very good" or "excellent." Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the attendees:

1. "....this was a great session. We covered a lot of material that I think we tend to gloss over normally as not very important. It was a very good reminder about first impressions and particularly relevant for women in the workplace."
          -- Cheryl Archer

2. "This session made me realize the types of things that I do that could be done better when speaking. I have addressed various work groups and professional organizations over the years and always thought I did a good job. Now I know I could do much better."
          -- Karol Pittsenberger

3. "The seminar was outstanding: Well organized, fast moving and, every bit of it useful to anyone who wants to improve their conversation/speaking skills. What I particularly like was the simplicity of the techniques and the visuals you used to demonstrate them. After a short hour seminar, I felt confident that if I took just a little time to practice, I could be more effective."
          -- a participant

4. "Mr. Singal was very enthusiastic and personable. He introduced and reinforced interpersonal relationship concepts, offering ways to improve communication and achieve goals.... After leaving the workshop, one of my coworkers asked other (employees) to shake her hand, and then she promptly made suggestions for improving their handshake and greeting to make the best first impression when meeting someone new!"
          -- Karen Valenti

5. "This seminar was extremely useful in understanding the importance of communicating my points clearly and succinctly, beginning with a straightforward initial sentence, explanatory info, and a summarizing statement."
          -- Starla Christakos

6. "...I appreciate Mr. Singal speaking with us. Time is money... and it's necessary in today's busy workplace to try and get your point across clearly, methodically, and quickly. The goal is to say less but provide more of what you want to get across. The word choices are so important to grab and sell your ideas, thoughts and/or concerns to your audience which could be an audience of 1, 20, or 100 people. The results are the same, and your delivery and knowing what you want to say prior to saying it is so important but not an easy task to do."
          -- Sherry Murphy