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Evaluations -- Public Seminar in Houston

Participant evaluations for a 1-day seminar on
"How to Communicate with Impact and Sway"
presented in Houston on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Over 85% of the participants rated the workshop as "excellent."
Here are some of their written comments.

1. Most effective features: "High energy, candor, self-efficacy"
    Overall comment: "Very practical workshop with great real-life examples"
          -- Don Leinweber, General Manager, Mustang Engineering

2. Most effective features: "V.J.'s passion & knowledge of the subject and the illustrations on tape and

    Overall comment: "The real-life examples were so effective"
          -- Dena Lee, Marketing Manager, Mustang Engineering

3. Most effective features: "Easy to understand and apply techniques"
    Overall comment: "Very useful"
          -- Richard Tan, Ph.D, Sr. Applications Consultant, Haverly Systems

4. Most effective features: "Honesty; Real-life proof of points"
    Overall comment: "Very entertaining & enjoyable. This could be a week-long course."
          -- Tom McNall, Great Northern Stone, Ontario (Canada)

5. Most effective features: "I found the whole workshop effective and eye opening"
    Overall comment: "I was incredibly impressed by V.J.'s insights and assertions. I was cautious at first
          to see if the workshop would be peddling easy answers and I was most delighted how much value
          and experience was behind it."

          -- Javad Kabiri, Rackspace Managed Hosting (San Antonio)