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Evaluations -- Seminar for Wood Group Mustang

Presentation of
"For experienced presenters: Some Uncommon Tips for More Impactful and Persuasive Presentations"
to senior officials, including the CEO, of Wood Group Mustang in Houston,
on January 18, 2011

Audience: executives, senior managers, other employees of Mustang Engineering.
Duration: two hours

73% of those who turned in evaluation forms rated the session as "excellent." Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the participants:

1. "The session was pertinent and extremely practical. I am taking away techniques that I will begin using right away. I will approach my next presentation with significantly greater confidence."
          -- Joe Sanders

2. "The points were clear and straightforward. The stories made the points memorable. VJ communicated with sincere passion and enthusiasm."
          -- Brent Owen

3. "I really like the way you communicated 'communication.' You really practice what you talk about and I very much enjoyed watching you."
          -- Chet Nelson

4. "I found V.J.'s presentation loaded with 'quick tips' that were easy both to remember and to use right away. I have spoken in front of groups of over 1,000 people, and was surprised at the simple lessons V.J. taught to make my presentation skills even sharper."
          -- John Pfeiffer

5. "Very helpful and entertaining."
          -- Robin Duszynski

6. "Excellent."
          -- Ron Jackson

7. "Very good, entertaining."
          -- Minoo Khorram