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Evaluations from CPA firm in Houston

Presentation of a seminar comprising the following four topics at CPA firm Mohle Adams in Houston on August 15, 2012:
  1. Some Simple Skills for Creating a Highly Favorable First Impression
  2. Employee Recognition: How to Deliver Effective Praise in Just Three Sentences
  3. How to Disarm and Neutralize Your Critics and Detractors Without Being Offensive or Disrespectful
  4. Conquering the Pervasive Disease of Rambling: How to Emphasize Your Point in Just Three Sentences

Audience: The firm's managing and other partners, managers, and most other employees.
Duration: Four hours.

100% of the participants who turned in evaluations rated the session as "excellent" or "good" (78% "excellent"; 22% "good"). Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the attendees:

1. "The session was very effective and pointed out key points/ areas to put emphasis on when communicating to others."
          -- Jason Sulak

2. "This session brought my attention to areas that I haven't given a lot of thought to before."
          -- Michelle Cathro

3. "There are skillful uses of communication that every professional should internalize. The benefits in and out of the office are blatantly obvious. V.J. conveys the importance of these techniques with vigor. I am appreciative of his enthusiasm for sharing these secrets with us."
          -- Kimberly Connolly

4. "The information in this presentation was not only useful, it was conveyed with excitement and passion."
          -- Bryan Kahn

5. "I enjoyed the presentation and was unexpectedly entertained and engaged for the entire time."
          -- Tammy Rodgers

6. "This was a very informative, well-balanced presentation! Well done!"
          -- Amanda Morgan

7. "Very well presented and very current and appropriate examples."
          -- James Sharp