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Evaluations -- PMI Dallas October 2015 Dinner Meeting

Presentation of
"Employee Recognition: How to Deliver Effective Praise in Just Three Sentences"
on October 15, 2015

100% of the participants who turned in evaluations rated the session as "excellent" or "good" (71% "excellent"; 29% "good") despite serious IT problems. Here are the written "overall comments" of some of the attendees:

1. "I really enjoyed it and have never heard one on praise before."
          -- Sara Piracha [Northrop Grumman]

2. "This topic brought me here tonight. Valuable skill to keep employees happy and engaged."
          -- Hope Leahy [Bank of America]

3. "V.J. was a unique surprise and welcome change. He imparts motivation and easy to do strategies. I can't wait to put these into practice..."
          -- Jan Watson

4. "It clearly demonstrates the gains and consequences of praise."
          -- Edward Raibick [RJE Web Solutions]

5. "The passion and enthusiasm you showed was obviously sincere. You did an extraordinary job of practicing what you preach...Thank you for sharing."
          -- Debbie Johnson [RCP Engineering, Inc.]

6. "Very helpful ideas, language, and words."
          -- Joyce Jones [manager, software development in a financial services technology firm]