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Evaluations -- One-hour seminars at PMI Houston 2014 Annual Conference

at NRG Center, Houston

Presentation of
"Some Simple Verbal & Nonverbal Skills for Creating a Highly Favorable First Impression"
on June 9, 2014.

Audience: Over 100 project managers

1. "You engaged the crowd quickly and kept the attention throughout."
          -- Michael Brookner [H-P]

2. "Very well done -- enjoyed it tremendously. Good use of humor! Fun!"
          -- Jim Pittman [AIG VALIC]

3. "Great session -- excellent observations of business pitfalls in today's world. Great handling of GenX & Millennial interactions."
          -- Sandra Soliz [Direct Energy]

4. "Very engaging speaker, loved the humor."
          -- Patty Trimingham [UTMB]

5. "Great job. Very useful and applicable."
          -- Raj Rauniyar [ExxonMobil]

6. "I found the information to be tactical & something I could put to use immediately."
          -- Kimberly Bortz [Camden Property Trust]

Presentation of
"Employee Recognition: How to Deliver Effective Praise in Just Three Sentences"
on June 10.

Audience: Approx. 100 project managers (a sold-out session)

1. "This is such an easy and powerful technique that it can work for anybody in a work or personal situation."
          -- Kenny Cryar [NRG Energy]

2. "In less than one hour, I learned a basic skill that will make my life better. I am thankful to the people in my life and this workshop gave me a way to express that appreciation."
          -- Anonymous

3. "Entertaining, engaging speaker. One of the top three at this conference."
          -- Charlotte Syna [Shell]

4. "V.J., you are the best! I love the way you can take complex topics and make them so easy."
          -- Mary Edwards [Lyondell Chemical]

5. "This should be taught to all managers."
          -- Anonymous

6. "Awesome
          -- Kathy Bieltz [CGI]

7. "Found session extremely useful, simple to understand, and will be able to put into practice."
          -- Melinda Culver [BP]

8. "Very captivating, unusually frank, and made an impression on your audience."
          -- Anonymous

9. "I found this session very insightful; the importance of emphasizing certain words, using words that may not be..."
          -- Lenny Suarez [Tervita Corp.]

Presentation of
"How to Disarm and Neutralize your Critics and Detractors without being Offensive or Disrespectful"
on June 10.

Audience: Over 100 project managers (a sold-out session)

1. "The examples were very clear and poignant. I can definitely use these approaches where I work."
          -- Robert A. Jeffries [MD Anderson Cancer Center]

2. "You never know when you might have to respond on the spur of the moment to an adversarial question. This class helped prepare me to do so in a winsome way."
          -- Keith Ridgway [ConocoPhillips]

3. "This is the first communication workshop I have taken that uses real-life examples of good and bad (successful and not successful) stories. Very clever & helpful!"
          -- a project manager at Amegy Bank

4. "Very, very easy to implement."
          -- Stephen Lobo [United Healthcare]

5. "Very good session. I learned some tips that I can use in my immediate job situation."
          -- Matthew Davis [Schneider Electric]

6. "The session was excellent--very relevant and effective. Very good examples and video clips. Disarming a critic needs very good presence of mind. This (seminar) helps you to be aware and better prepared to face those situations."
          -- Mahesh Bhat [Sysco]

7. "I walked away with tools that I could start using immediately to help my projects stay focused on our main objectives. The handout with the examples and my notes is one that I will often refer back to in times where I need to choose my words carefully in the midst of conflict to make sure I can realign my audience and gain their confidence."
          -- Kimberly Bortz [Camden Property Trust]