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Evaluations -- Seminar for PMI Global Congress 2010

Presentation of
"Some Simple Verbal & Nonverbal Skills for Creating a
Highly Favorable First Impression"

on October 12, 2010
at the Project Management Institute's Global Congress 2010--North America
held in National Harbor, MD.

Short description of topic: Citing several real-life stories, most of them humorous, V.J. first establishes why all professionals should care about the kind of impression they create with a new acquaintance. He then shares with participants some simple verbal and nonverbal techniques they can employ to create a highly favorable first impression. Includes a discussion of "the principle of matching contrasts" for attire; the visceral attraction of dental enamel; the "3-pump" handshake; the easy way to create humor; hand gestures that are purposeful and enhance your personality; answering a "why" question; combating verbal tics; men diminishing women unwittingly; specific tips for foreign-borns; the indelible impact of a fresh, vivid word; other aspects of one's persona.

In spite of significant acoustic problems, a majority of those who turned in evaluation forms rated the session as "excellent." Here is a sampling of participant quotes:

1. "I was very energized. I am a seasoned professional & am always looking for ways to improve. I thought your ideas were spot-on!"
          -- Staci Neilson, Honeywell

2. "Very useful information that can be implemented immediately."
          -- Derek D'Alessandro, AirTran Airways

3. "I really enjoyed the session. It covered important, relevant points. This was one of the best sessions here at PMI."
          -- Niketa Mehta, SRA International Inc.

4. "Use of humor is invaluable. Strategy provided by you very helpful."
          -- Robert E. Lee, REL Consulting

5. "(Useful?) Yes, absolutely! Great combination of theory with practical tips."
          -- Anna Hakobyan, International Air Transport Assn.

6. "I thought the session was very well organized and provided key topics and examples of skills... "
          -- Tanya Pritchett, Verizon

7. "The session was very informative and covered a broad range of techniques for improving the first impression I make on others."
          -- Barry T. Fausnaugh, Cost & Performance Solutions, Inc.

8. "Very energetic. Basic information but very important. Loved it. I am trying to incorporate this info into my training of my daughters--This should be taught in grade school & middle school."
          -- Barbara Phillips, Bayer