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Evaluations -- Seminar for Reliant, Houston

Presentation of
"Employee Recognition: How to Deliver Effective Praise in Just Three Sentences!" +
"How to Disarm and Neutralize your Critics and Detractors without being Offensive or Disrespectful"

at Reliant, Houston,
on April 3, 2013

Audience: Ten managers.
Duration: About four hours.

A majority of the participants who turned in evaluations rated both sessions as "excellent," the rest as "good."

Sampling of participant comments for the session on "praise":

1. "It showed how simple praise can be and the repercussions of not delivering it effectively."
          -- Valerie Balke

2. "V.J. is both humorous and strenuous in conveying the importance of his message."
          -- Heather Pena

3. "Effective lifetime tool, applicable for planned/ written situations and for impromptu scenarios. Helps the praising speaker be brief and concise."
          -- Pat Cagney

4. "I struggle with giving praise that sounds sincere, so I really appreciate the tips."
          -- Nancy Gaubert

5. "I appreciated the passion and the ability to keep the group engaged."
          -- Chris Geren

Sampling of participant comments for the session on "disarming": Here is the written comment of the senior most manager in the audience:

"I really enjoyed this session! I will be able to apply in my work & personal life. Love your passion & engagement as a facilitator."
          -- Chris Geren