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Quiz on Last Month's Words

March / April 2017                               Volume 18  No. 2

Here are the words that were featured last month:







For each of the eight examples below, select a word from the above list that best fits the blank. Then check your answers at the end. Note that the correct answer could be any of the word forms that were featured -- example: vivify, revivify, vivifying, and so on.

  1. My son, a new grad, is looking for a job, but he doesnít want to work for an auto dealership. Right or wrong, he believes that the selling and financing of cars is inescapably tinged with . . . . . ..
  2. I noticed that Sherry didnít have her heart and soul in her presentation. Went about it, sort of, . . . . . .. What do you think?
  3. Do you remember that business news story of three years ago from New England, when protesting employees of Market Basket forced the companyís board to reinstall ousted CEO Arthur C. Demoulas because they saw in him a . . . . . . of the working class?
  4. I wonder if something is brewing on the executive floor, because during the entire operations review this morning, our Sr. VP Wayne appeared to be distracted. He didnít display any of his usual passion and intensity. The few comments he made were rather . . . . . ..
  5. My colleague Patricia has sophisticated tastes. She is always . . . . . . of exquisite fragrance.
  6. Some of the industries that have been languishing of late expect to be . . . . . . if President Trumpís trillion-dollar renewal of Americaís infrastructure becomes a reality.
  7. Iíve just replaced all the non-flowering shrubs in the front of the house with azaleas, and can hardly wait for next year. Come February, when azaleas suddenly become ablaze with color, our front yard will be . . . . . .!
  8. The questions I faced after my presentation today were really smart and challenged my thinking. What a contrast to yesterdayís audience; after I made the same presentation, most of the questions were . . . . . . and rather insulting to oneís intelligence.



1. mendacity    2. vapidly    3. tribune    4. vapid

5. redolent    6. revivified    7. vivified    8. sophomoric


Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

A score of 8 = excellent; 7 = very good; 6 = not bad; 5 or less = you may want to revisit these words.

Please let me know by e-mail or phone (281-463-2500) what you think about this quiz and how it can be improved.

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