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Quiz on Last Month's Words

September / October 2017                               Volume 18  No. 5

Here are the words that were featured last month:







For each of the eight examples below, select a word from the above list that best fits the blank. Then check your answers at the end. Note that the correct answer could be any of the word forms that were featured -- example: discomfit, discomfiting, discomfiture, and so on.

  1. Whatís with Ted today? He barely uttered a word during the entire meeting. He just sat sort of . . . . . . at the far end of the table, despite todayís topic being one that he has always been very passionate about.
  2. When I look at the . . . . . . in some of the dissents that have accompanied the most controversial rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, I cannot help but wonder if some of the justices are even on speaking terms.
  3. Because you and a couple others had told me about how good Rick is when it comes to executing IT projects, Iíve emailed him twice, urging him to consider joining my new department. But he hasnít responded, and I donít want to call him again and again, lest I come across as . . . . . . or something.
  4. I was struck by the look of . . . . . . on Gillianís face as she finished presenting her bold and risky plan, and then strode across the room to take her seat.
  5. Our CEO has an awesome personality, a really . . . . . . presence. I bet even our most experienced managers are a bit daunted and subdued when presenting to him.
  6. During the last presidential campaign, Donald Trump blamed Americaís adverse trade balance with some of its major trading partners on the . . . . . . of previous administrations.
  7. Right up to the morning of Election Day, almost all of the most respected polls were pointing to a comfortable win for Hillary Clinton. So, you can imagine her . . . . . . later that night when, as results started streaming in from her ďBlue-State Firewall,Ē it became evident that Donald Trump was going to be the winner.
  8. Former tennis ace John McEnroe, who was given to frequent outbursts on the court, is still remembered for his . . . . . . criticism of the umpires.



1. flaccidly    2. truculence    3. supplicating    4. certitude

5. august    6. flaccidity    7. discomfiture    8. truculent


Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

A score of 8 = excellent; 7 = very good; 6 = not bad; 5 or less = you may want to revisit these words.

Please let me know by e-mail or phone (281-463-2500) what you think about this quiz and how it can be improved.

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