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Quiz on Last Month's Words

January / February 2018                               Volume 19  No. 1

Here are the words that were featured last month:







For each of the eight examples below, select a word from the above list that best fits the blank. Then check your answers at the end. Note that the correct answer could be any of the word forms that were featured -- example: emollient, emollients, and so on.

  1. The New England Patriots’ . . . . . . head coach Bill Belichick is always stone-faced during a game, even when his team scores a touchdown or one is scored against them.
  2. Stephanie blows a fuse over the smallest things. For instance, she’ll go . . . . . . if a vehicle switches to her lane without signaling.
  3. No, my brother won’t be accompanying us to the art museum. He thinks that going to places like that is . . . . . ..
  4. It seems that our VP was not his usual self during today’s quarterly sales review, finding fault with almost all of the presentations that were made by my team. I wonder what made him so snappish, so . . . . . .?
  5. The wording in that contract was so . . . . . ., it just drove me up the wall.
  6. I’m glad we picked Jodie to be our new counselor. She really knows how to deal with people in distress. Her predecessor, Courtney, came across as being so . . . . . . that some of our clients felt as if they were talking to a brick wall.
  7. When it comes to people interactions, I am impressed at the way Phil has undergone an almost total “transformation.” Over the last couple of years, he has really been at it--trying to shed his reputation for being brash and abrasive and instead adopting a more . . . . . . style.
  8. Author Carl Bernstein credits a secret alliance of President Reagan and Pope John Paul for rendering the Soviet Union ........ and thus hastening the end of the Cold War.



1. phlegmatic    2. apoplectic    3. effete    4. captious

5. byzantine    6. phlegmatic    7. emollient    8. effete


Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

A score of 8 = excellent; 7 = very good; 6 = not bad; 5 or less = you may want to revisit last month's edition.

Please let me know by e-mail or phone (281-463-2500) what you think about this quiz and how it can be improved.

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No part of this may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the author.