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Quiz on Last Month's Words

Here are the words that were featured last month:







For each of the eight examples below, select a word from the above list that best fits the blank. Then check your answers at the end. Note that the correct answer could be any of the word forms that were featured – example: crystallize, crystallizing, crystallization, and so on.

  1. It’s been several months since the two high-profile crashes involving Boeing’s 737 Max. And yet that aircraft’s return to the skies is nowhere in sight. The problem seems to lie with its flight control system and involves both software and hardware issues. Most aviation analysts say it’s ........ that Boeing rushed the new plane through the certification process.
  2. China’s secret indoctrination camps for Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities inhabiting its northwest have been in the news lately. According to China expert Orville Schell, President Xi’s top priority is to keep the ........ sentiments and tendencies within that nation in check.
  3. Forget what I said last month. My ideas at that time were still half-baked and ......... Now that I see the issues much more clearly, allow me to restate my opinion.
  4. Thanks to the slump in sales, management is urging employees to exercise ........ when ordering supplies and entertaining customers.
  5. The approach that Valerie, our vice president, takes to delegating is ......... Because of her habit of second-guessing the actions taken by her managers, the latter have stopped making decisions without first consulting Valerie.
  6. Sorry, we can’t do free shipping--we must charge for it. Because of the deep discounts that we offer, we have to be a bit .........
  7. Karen is a ........ consensus builder. She possesses a remarkable ability to deal with others easily and without friction, no matter how strident their views.
  8. As your new CEO, one of my top priorities is to eliminate our layers and layers of bureaucratic fat--to make our company so lean and nimble that if Fortune magazine ranked firms on ........, we’d be No. 1.



1. axiomatic    2. centrifugal    3. uncrystallized    4. parsimony

5. farcical    6. parsimonious    7. svelte    8. svelteness


Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

A score of 8 = excellent; 7 = very good; 6 = not bad; 5 or less = you may want to revisit these words.

Please let me know by e-mail or phone (281-463-2500) what you think about this quiz and how it can be improved.

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