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(pronounced ee-goh-muh-ny-uh-kul)  adjective


from the noun egomania.
Egomania (pronounced ee-goh-may-nee-uh) = 1. extreme egotism or conceit; an extraordinarily enlarged sense of self-importance. 2. the quality or state of being obsessively egocentric; abnormally excessive preoccupation with one’s own desires, needs, or interests.

Other Forms

Egomaniac   (pronounced ee-goh-may-nee-ak)   noun

Main Example

  • The controversial Robert Mugabe has led Zimbabwe ever since that nation’s independence in 1980. His critics describe him as being, among other things, egomaniacal. Why? Because even though he is now 93 and Zimbabwe’s economy has been in dire straits almost continuously since the year 2000, Mugabe insists that his people are best served with him at the helm.

Workplace Examples

  • I think the real reason why Ben wants the R&D unit also to start reporting to him is because the additional resources will make his division the company’s largest. He knows full well that our R&D will be at its most efficient and productive if it has complete autonomy, as is the case now. Ben is one of our smartest execs, but sometimes his egomaniacal drive can get the better of him.
  • I’m no psychiatrist, but Cindy’s problem seems to be one of egomania. She is barely 25, has no spectacular accomplishments to date, and yet she is constantly talking about the autobiography that she plans to write.

Other Examples

  • a colleague saying: “Brad is a certified egomaniac, which explains why he is such a credit hound. In every study, report, or article where he has contributed even a tiny bit--say, two sentences--he wants his name to appear in the byline.”
  • following yet another setback for a company, its CEO resigning, saying: “It’s time for new leadership. I am not an egomaniac and I must place the best interests of the company ahead of my own.”
  • while praising Joe DiMaggio during a PBS interview, the late sportscaster Dick Schaap pointing out that the baseball great also possessed an egomaniacal streak: For instance, as a “condition for attending any event,” DiMaggio insisted that he be introduced as “the greatest living ball player.”
  • a manifestation of the late Saddam Hussein’s egomania: the statues of him that had been erected throughout the length and breadth of Iraq
  • During the 2007-2008 financial crisis, millions of Americans opposed the government’s bailing out of Wall Street firms, saying that the misfortunes of many of those financial institutions had come about because their egomaniacal CEOs, in their quest for more wealth and power, had made ill-advised decisions.

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