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(pronounced pal-puh-bul)  adjective


1. capable of being touched or felt; tangible. 2. readily perceived through the senses or by the mind; easily perceptible or noticeable. 3. clear or obvious; unmistakable; plainly observable.

Main Example

  • At O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing earlier this month in Nevada, when it was announced that the former NFL star was to be freed, gratitude and relief on Simpson’s face were clearly evident. To see just how palpable the emotion was, click here for a 20 second video clip.

Workplace Examples

  • I’m a little disappointed after my meeting with Shawna’s people. If they’re excited about our plan, it sure didn’t show. I didn’t get any palpable sense of enthusiasm among them!
  • I was on a plane about a week after the Sept. 11 attacks and, during the entire flight, many of us passengers kept a close eye on anyone who looked even a little bit different. That shows you how palpable the fear of getting hijacked was during those days.

Other Examples

  • someone commenting: “These competing products are so alike, if there’s a difference between them, it’s not tangible or palpable to me.”
  • during a meeting, tension becoming palpable when a mercurial executive starts berating one of the managers
  • palpable improvement; palpable shortcomings; palpable stress, anxiety, or impatience; the palpable anger in London following the Grenfell Tower fire--which killed around 80 apartment dwellers--with some people shouting not only at the city’s mayor but even at members of the royal family
  • someone who loves to praise fellow employees but is palpably uncomfortable touting her own achievements
  • the palpable relief in a town along the Gulf Coast after a major oncoming hurricane suddenly changes course and passes it by
  • onlookers palpably affected by the sounding of taps during a military ceremony honoring U.S. soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan

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