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(pronounced flas-id or flak-sid)  adjective


1. soft and hanging loosely or in folds; limp; flabby; lacking firmness. 2. lacking force or vigor; weak; ineffective; infirm; not tightly controlled.

Other Forms

Flaccidity (pronounced fla-sid-uh-tee or flak-sid-uh-tee) noun

Main Example

  • Last month, while presenting a seminar on “Some Simple Verbal and Nonverbal Skills for Creating a Highly Favorable First Impression”--one of the three most popular topics in his repertoire--this author demonstrated the “three-pump handshake” which engenders a far better impression, especially during a job interview, than a handshake that is limp or flaccid. [Do you know of an upcoming conference, convention, or other event where one of V.J.’s many seminar topics could be a good fit? If so, please let him know by calling 281-463-2500 or emailing Revenues from his seminars help fund the research and production of “Words of the Month.”]

Workplace Examples

  • I wonder if something is brewing on the executive floor, because during the entire operations review this morning, our vice president Alice appeared to be distracted. She didn’t display any of her usual passion and intensity; the few comments she made were lifeless and rather flaccid.
  • What’s with Ted today? He barely uttered a word during the entire meeting--he just sat sort of flaccidly at the far end of the table, despite today’s topic being one that he has always been very passionate about.

Other Examples

  • this author saying: “The appropriate and judicious injection of just a handful of the words featured in my 3rd edition of ‘The Articulate Professional’ can help transform an otherwise humdrum and flaccid presentation into something indelible and out-of-the-ordinary.” [Click here for sample pages and other information about the book]
  • flaccid leadership; a flaccid marketing campaign; flaccid plants in someone’s front yard thanks to a lack of rain; a flaccid stage performance; a flaccid argument; a weak and flaccid speech; a flaccid piece of writing; flaccid muscles
  • FEMA’s flaccid response following Hurricane Katrina, the tropical cyclone that devastated New Orleans in 2005
  • during the last presidential campaign, Donald Trump blaming America’s adverse trade balance with some of its major trading partners on the flaccidity of previous administrations
  • the recent sales decline at Macy’s and several other prominent retail chains because of the flaccid demand for their merchandise

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